In this blog post, I will be sharing my favorite planner spreads for moms! At the end of the blog post, I have included all the spreads as a FREE PDF download for you to use! Make sure to share pictures with me on Instagram @surroundinggrace I love to see how you use my products!


My first favorite planner spread is a Grocery List! This is important for me because we need a lot of groceries for our family. We normally get the same things, so I like to create a master Grocery list, then add any additions.

I don't know about you, but I'm forgetful. So having a list to bring to the store and check off, helps me not to forget things and have to go back. (can't stand making multiple trips lol)

So this is one I highly recommend as a mom. It is also helpful if you want to send someone else shopping for you.


To tie in with the last planner spread, I also recommend a meal planner spread. When I plan in advance for the week it's one less thing I have to think of.

As a Boss Mom, I have a lot of things to remember and think about. Family things, homeschool things and work things. So not having to think about what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each week, is one less thing I have to worry about.

It also helps you to come up with what you will need for your grocery list. I always plan out my meals for the week prior to going grocery shopping. That way I don't end up buying unnecessary things.


This is one I struggle with so much! I am not a clean freak at heart, it is not on my priority list. However, when my house is a mess I feel overwhelmed and disorganized. Plus it's like wife and mom 101.

So having a cleaning schedule to remind me of what needs to be cleaned when, and how often is a huge help. We don't always think of things like changing the AC Filter. Just different random things I don't think of.

We've only been homeowners for almost 2 years now. This keeps me on track, so my house doesn't 'Always' look like a hurricane went through it. LOL


My kid's are still a bit young for a chore chart. Shane is only 1 1/2 and Marie is 3. However, Marie likes to help out around the house. So I give her small tasks like wiping down the table and counters, putting away the clean silverware, and 'dusting'. Easy things I know I won't care about if she doesn't do it right.

It's good to delegate tasks to help ease your burden. Plus it's a great way to teach our children responsibility and how to clean up after themselves.

Plus kids love being able to check off things and know that they have done something to help contribute to the family.


Unfortunately, this planner spread is a lot less fun...I hate finances. However, the task has fallen to me, to relieve stress off of my husband who is the main breadwinner.

Kenney works his butt off on the daily to provide for our family, the least I can do is manage the money he makes for us the best way I can.

Bill Tracking is a MUST for me. I need to know what's coming out when, and how much. If something comes out that I'm not prepared for, my anxiety goes through the roof.

So this spread is essential to me.


This one might not seem super important to some. However, I have a horrible memory. I can never think of what to get as gifts for people.

When Kenney and I first got married, his gifts for me were AMAZING! I was shocked to see how he recalled things I liked throughout the year.

Unfortunately, my gift-giving was not as great, and he was highly disappointed LOL. So keeping a Gift List is now a must. Kenney deserves to get presents he actually wants and likes. Especially, when he is so great at getting me gifts I love.

Last but not least, is a password keeper! Again, I have a HORRIBLE memory LOL. So anything that can keep track of things so I don't have to is great!

Plus I hate having to go pay a bill or log onto a site and I can't remember the username, email, or password combination.

If you have kid's then they have apps, websites, and games they like to play. Sometimes they require a login. So having this for them is a great tool as well.

Definitely recommend keeping this in a safe place though!

Well, there is my favorite planner spreads for moms! I hope they were helpful and gave you some great ideas. As promised I have the free PDF download of all these great spreads ready for you down below as a thank you! Again make sure you share them with me on Instagram @surroundinggrace. Also, if you have more great mom planner spread ideas, feel free to comment with them down below!

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Also if you are a Boss Mom like myself, who has more to track then just mom things. I have created a great undated boss mom planner that you can purchase in my store for just $10 and it comes with TONS of great spreads, including the ones in this blog post :)


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