DIY Summer Coasters

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

This makes for the perfect summer crochet project! Since they are made from cotton they are easy to clean. You can make them in all sorts of fun summery colors! Make them as gifts or keep them for yourself!


4mm Crochet HookLily's Sugars and Cream Cotton YarnTapestry NeedleScissors

Abbreviations and Techniques

Ch = ChainRep = RepeatSk = skipSt(s) = Stitch(es)DC = Double CrochetSlst = Slip Stitch


Ch. 5 slst into 1st chain to create a circle Round 1: ch. 3 DC 15 times into center of circle. Slst into top of ch. 3 (16 DC total including ch. 3) Round 2: Ch. 3 2DC in next St *DC in next St, 2DC in next St* Rep till last st, Slst into top of ch. 3 (24 DC total including ch.3)

Round 3: Ch.3 (DC in next 2 sts, 2DC in next St) Rep till last sts, sl st into top of ch 3 (32 DC Total including ch.3) Round 4: Ch. 4 sk 1 st slst in next DC (Ch 4 sk 1 st slst in next dc) Rep to last stitch (16 total Ch. 4’s) Tie off and weave in ends

I hope you enjoyed this fun Summer Crochet Project! I will be posting loads more Free Summer Cotton projects! So Definitely join my newsletter so you are notified when things are posted!!!


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