Great Summer Activities for Toddlers

Great Summer Activities for Toddlers

Make Memories that Last

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Marie Playing with sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is one of my favorite things to do with my daughter. Chalk is very inexpensive and it's a great way to let their imagination go wild! Plus it's not permanent and washes away with the rain. (what mama doesn't like a mess free activity?).

You can get really creative and draw out a hopscotch template, tic tac toe, and so much more. I also love to take the time to make it a fun learning opportunity, and teach some abc's and colors!

The creativity really is endless, and it's so fun to see what they come up with. I really love the crayola pack from amazon. they are super bright, have lots of color options and easy for my daughter to hold.

Water Activities

Marie playing with the hose

One of the best ways to keep the kiddos cool in the summer is water activities!

A few different water activities you could try are:

Kiddie Pool - Something fun to do would be to add some plastic balls in it or water toys to play with.

Sprinklers - This are great as well, kids love to jump through them and it keeps them nice and cool. BONUS: it also waters your grass lol

Water Hose - my daughter loves this one, it's like a fun game of chase with the hose.

Water Play Table - these are nice to have because they encourage imagination and also learning.

Water Balloons/Water Balls - I personally like the cloth balls that soak up water because you can reuse them.

These are just a few of my favorite water activities to do with my daughter. She loves all of them, if your kids anything like my daughter they love to be outside. During the summertime it can be hard, especially on really hot days to make sure they stay cool.

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Outdoor Fun

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house! As a stay at home mom, I spend the majority of my time at home with the kids. However, I can g a little crazy if I don't get out for awhile. So here are some of my favorite 'get out of the house activities'.

Library/ Book Store - The library is a great place to bring the kids! Most public libraries have fun activities for the kids, and even events. Mine has a mom group, and a home-school group that meet throughout the week. If your kid's anything like mine, then they love books! Another alternative is Barnes and Nobles, they have days throughout the week for story time and other events.

Parks/Gardens - If it's not crazy hot outside I usually make a day surrounded by the park! It's so much fun to pack a lunch and some snacks, take the kids the park, and even have a picnic. My two year old gets to run around and spend all that energy. My 4 month old just enjoys watching the craziness unfold ha. Not to mention when we go home, they usually both pass out in the car just in time for their naps!

Another of my favorites is visiting our local garden park, Longwood Gardens. Marie loves it cause of the fountains and just being outside and exploring. Not only that but it makes for a great educational adventure. Her favorite part though is the kids area, they have this small fountain I take her to. I visit here last because I let her go crazy splashing in the fountain. It's fun for her, and it allows her to cool off after walking around outside for a long time. I love to take pictures and just watch her having a blast.

I hope this helped you find some great activities to do with your toddler in the summer time. Summer is such a great time to make memories with our kids. I know when I was a kid summer memories were the best, as well as family vacations. It's just a great time for your kids to be outside, play, and enjoy being a kid!

If you think of anymore fun activities feel free to share them with me in the comments below. Or even send me a message to my email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest!


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