My 5 Top Favorite Baby Products

My Top 5 Favorite Baby Products

Great for first time moms!

One of the things that I struggled with most as a new mom was figuring out what things to buy! There are sooo many options out there, from bottles, to monitors, car seats & strollers, the amount of options is almost endless. Like most of you have probably done, I binge watched top favorite baby products on YouTube. Which a few of the items on my list is inspired by! However, every baby and mama is different so in the end you will find what works best for your individual child. That being said continue reading for my top 15 baby products I love.

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1. Boppy Pillow

I'm sure many of you have seen the boppy pillow. It is probably the most talked about and popular nursing pillow. Well it is also my favorite! With my first baby I didn't think I needed a nursing pillow, until I started actually nursing and realized how uncomfortable it was. The boppy pillow helps to relieve stress on your back and neck, it also helps you to nurse hands-free. Currently I am using it to nurse my son! (shoot I even use it when i'm not nursing just to rest my arms on and relieve my back pain.)

Even if you don't get the boppy pillow, I still highly recommend getting some sort of nursing pillow. They really do make breastfeeding that much easier, and help relieve some of the strain on your body. Breastfeeding is hard enough, and already uncomfortable so anything helps!

2. Boppy Lounger

The boppy lounger I haven't seen talked about as much, but it's another one of my favorites! Both of my children loved to lounge in this on the couch. Since the living room was where we spent most of our time as a family, and my kids liked to be close by. (plus it was easy to just reach over and grab them if they got hungry.)

It cradles them perfectly, and doesn't take up much room.

When I had my daughter we were in a small one bedroom apartment so any space we could save was great! We didn't have enough room for a swing. The boppy lounger was the perfect solution to save us space.

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3. Hakka Breast Pump

The Hakka Breast Pump is by far one of my favorite things I have got. With my daughter I struggled with breastfeeding and with pumping. I ended up drying up with her. However, with my son the Hakka Breast Pump has been such a blessing! It's so easy I just stick it on the opposite breast while I feed my son on the other. It does all the work, naturally catching my let down. I can easily get 4 oz of milk while my son eats. I haven't had to pick up an electric pump at all this time.

If you don't want to use an electric pump, or just want to use something simple then I highly recommend the Hakka. It has been reviewed by many other mamas on YouTube, and I don't think I've heard anything negative yet!

4. Comotomo Bottles

The Comotomo Bottles are great for babies who don't like bottles! They are shaped like a breast/nipple. Not only that but they are soft, not hard bottles. Made with food grade silicone.

My son didn't like drinking from bottles, except for these. The Comotomo Bottles are the only ones that he will take. They are also really easy for babies to hold because of their shape and flexibility.

For those clean freak mamas, this bottle is also super easy to clean due to them being silicone. Definitely worth it, and they aren't too expensive.

5. Little Remedies Essentials Kit

Little Remedies is probably one of the most popular essential kits there are. There is a reason why! They are not expensive and they work.

These kits are great to have because they are just little samplers of everything. I never really needed big bottles for my kids. Gripe water will be great to help relieve gas. Baby Tylenol is great to help with fevers, but also to help relieve pain after shots! The Saline and nasal suction are great for when baby has a stuffy/ runny nose. Babies can't breath through their mouths, so keeping there noses clear is very important.

There are some other really awesome things that come with the Little Remedies kit and I highly recommend getting it!

So there you have it! My top 5 Favorite Baby Products. I love these products, and highly recommend each one of them. I will never recommend products to you that I haven't used, or don't like. I used a most of these items with both my children, so I really do like them. Let me know what products you love in the comments, or message me on social media! I'm always on the look out for great baby products!


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