Shane's 4 Month Update

Shane's 4 Month Update

4 Month Old Milestones

I can't believe my baby boy is 4 month's old now! Time has really flown by, and all I want it to do is slow the heck down! That being said I have loved watching my little man grow every single day. Trying to introduce him to new things, and involving my daughter Marie when I can as well.

Now that he is getting bigger he can almost sit himself up, he tries so hard at it. He is a pro at tummy time and holding his head up, rolling over, scooting to something he wants if it's close by. He is such a strong boy! Even the doctor said at his appointment said that she couldn't believe how strong he was, and how well he could hold himself up.

We had such a great month, filled with so many amazing things. We took a trip to the beach which he absolutely loved! He enjoyed chilling in the shade with mama and watching his crazy sister play in the sand. We had some awesome pool days, his favorite thing to do in the pool is fall asleep on his little raft lol.

We just started giving him a bottle at night with formula and cereal in it. He is a breast fed baby, but I'm trying to fill him up so that he sleeps more at night. The doctor ended up saying he lost some weight, so it's a good thing that we started giving him some formula during the day.

The doctor wasn't too worried about the weight loss because he did get longer, so he is still growing. Which is fabulous! Were just going to keep an eye on his weight, and make sure that he continues to grow like he should be.

It has been such an amazing month Shane is now:

13 lbs

24 in long

with a 16.5 in head

He is a growing boy!

Shane was also dedicated this month! Such a special ceremony where we gave him over to God. Promising to raise him to follow Christ's teachings. Raising our children to know the Lord is an extremely important thing for us. It was so nice to have our family there to stand with us and support us. As well as, the congregation standing and supporting us. Our church really is like a huge family and I love it.

I can't wait to see Shane continue to grow, learn, and interact more with his sister. Seeing Marie and him become siblings has been one of my favorite things to watch! They get closer everyday. Marie has been great with him, playing gently and just really interacting with him.

The next update will be when he is 6 months old! Which is so crazy to say. He will be half a year old already! So insane. However, I can't wait to share with you what milestones he has hit, and all the fun adventures we will have. Till next time.


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