Shane's Baby Dedication

To my family and I Jesus is the most important person in our lives. We are a christian family, bible believing, and followers of Christ's teachings. One of the things we believe is very important, is to dedicate our children's lives to God, and to promise to raise them in Christ's love and teachings.

We don't do baby christening, because we believe that baptism should be a special moment between God and the person at a certain time in life. That is should be a decision that is made based on when that person is ready. (a baby doesn't know any better, and doesn't know what it means) Therefore, we don't christen/baptize babies.

Dedication is so important for us as parents. God gave us the blessing of beautiful children, and return we give their lives over to them. Knowing full well he already has a plan for their lives. We as parent's simply promise to raise them in Christ's teachings and to love God with all their hearts.

This past Sunday, July 14th 2019 we dedicated our son Shane Alexander to God. It was such a special moment (yes I cried). We presented him to the congregation and to God. Publicly promised to raise him, watch over him, and give him to God just as Hannah gave Samuel to God in the bible.

It was a beautiful ceremony, our families were their to also promise to help raise our child to know Christ, as well as the church/congregation stood promising to fulfill their roles as well. One thing I love about my Church, Praise Assembly, is that we all come together to lift each other up, and help raise our children together.

That is what the church is meant to be. It's a group of people, not a building. A family, coming together to grow in Christ.

It was such a happy day, filled with love, family and friends. Thank you Lord for your blessings, and for giving us such an amazing little boy to love and raise.


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