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A child who reads 20 minutes a day will hear 1.8 million words a year. A child who reads only 5 minutes per day will hear only 282,000 words per year. The time kids spend reading matters.

Reading helps with cognitive skills, imagination, inspiration and so many other amazing things. It builds an early love of reading, which is a great foundation for future book enthusiasts.

Tips on how to raise a reader

  1. Read books that reflect your child's interests like dragons, space, or ballerinas.

  2. Read aloud and have fun with the voices; try using a different voice for each character.

  3. Show & explain to your child the illustrations to understand what the story is about.

  4. Make a game out of reading by letting your child guess what happens next in the story, this is a great way to reinforce reading comprehension.

  5. Be a role model, let your child catch you reading.

  6. Have books available throughout your house and on the go.

Not all books are created equal. From non-fiction to fiction, sophisticated storybooks to simple rhyming books, interactive books to activity books - each serves a unique purpose.

Imagine a symphony: there are many instruments playing in harmony to create the music you hear. The same is true of books and how they develop the brain.

Sophisticated storybooks will help build a child’s language, vocabulary skills, and the ability to make inferences about characters and plots.

Non-fiction books develop children’s general knowledge and worldwide perspective, supporting their ability to understand sophisticated storybooks even better.

Interactive books will engage a child’s senses, build anticipation and surprise, and help them develop an affinity for books.

While rhymes seem simply playful for children, they also help them develop an ear for language and set the stage for a multitude of critical reading skills.

So! Let's build that symphony, shall we?

Are They Even Listening?

Some with little ones like myself who are 1 and 3 may be thinking, "But my kid doesn't sit long enough to listen to a story." Well, read to them anyways! I promise they are listening and picking up more then you think they are. My son will go between playing and looking at the illustrations. Even though he isn't sitting still and gets distracted easily, he still listens and comes back to check out the book.

Reading aloud is such a great way to involve your children in books. I like to read aloud while we are doing crafts or activities for homeschool. I also like to play audiobooks in the car instead of music sometimes.

It is important to read to my child and instill that same love of literature in them. Let your child catch you reading and they will want to read too!

Grab some books, sit down, and let the wonder and magic of reading take your little ones to new places.

Have more reading tips for little ones feel free to share them in the comments! Let's talk about books!

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