To My Firstborn | Happy 2nd Birthday Marie!

It seems like just yesterday you were in my arms, a newborn looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes. You changed my world forever, you made me a mommy. With you came more love then I ever knew I could have.

Like any new mommy I made mistakes, as I learned what it meant to be a mom. However, you showed me that being a mommy just means loving you, cuddling you, playing with you, reading to you, and just plain being there for you.

No matter the mistakes I make as a mom, you show me that being there for you to watch you grow, is enough. You are my baby girl forever.

This past year you have grown from this little girl who just learned to walk, to running around full speed, miss independent, and curious about everything. You love to learn, it's your favorite thing to do. Wanting to know how everything works, especially learning things that mommy and daddy know how to do. Sometimes you pick up on things so quickly it shocks me.

Marie your personality is your own. Making those around you smile and laugh, lighting up a room, knowing exactly what you want. Not afraid to speak your mind, and tell us what your thinking. Life is never dull, but always an adventure.

Your brother was born when you were 20 months old, and life changed again. You weren't the center spotlight anymore. That was a huge change for you, learning to share mommy and daddy's attention. It took awhile for you to get used to, and still struggle with it at times.

Yet, now you have such a bond with your brother, and have become such a good big sister.

I am so proud of the little girl you have become, and am so excited what life has in store for you this year! You have such a huge heart and compassion for others.

Thank you for being my daughter, and changing my life forever.

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!

You will forever be my firstborn, and the one who made me the best thing ever.

Your mommy.


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