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In this blog post go over my Top 5 Favorite Kids Books for Toddlers! I have found that toddlers are really drawn to engaging and interactive books. Something they can get their hands on and keep them entertained. They also love to have the chance to create and explore as well. So I hope this list gives you some great ideas for the little readers in your life.


I love lift-the-flap books! They are my kid's favorites too! They are engaging, exciting, hands-on, and build curiosity. The way they encourage children to seek more information, to be curious, and to explore. They reveal facts, information, or just plain fun. These books keep my kids entertained for longer periods of time and create conversations.

One of our favorites is How Your Body Works. My daughter loves this one! It is a great way to educate your child on their body and answer any questions they may have. All while being engaging, fun, and interactive.


Shine a flashlight behind the page or hold it to the light to reveal what is hidden in and around different places and things. Discover a world of great surprises! Shine-A-Light books are amazing ways to engage your little readers! My daughter loves the excuse to use her Peppa Pig flashlight any chance she gets. lol!

In Secrets of the Apple Tree, you can explore a tree up close and find a small world filled with great surprises! From worms wriggling among the roots to birds nesting high in the branches, the hidden wonders of this amazing habitat are revealed when the page is held up to a light.


Stickers! Stickers! Stickers! My daughter can't get enough stickers! They are fun, exciting, help with hand-eye coordination, and world-building. They are amazing to have on the go for when you're at the doctors, long road trips, and when you just want to have some fun! Sticker books are a great addition to have for your little ones. :)

Since we started homeschooling my daughter Marie this year, the alphabet sticker books have been a great tool! We are currently doing Preschool and a very unschooled approach to homeschool. So a lot of the things we do revolves around activities, crafts, and fun!

So this Alphabet Sticker Book has been such a great addition to our homeschool toolbox!

4. Magic Painting Books

If my daughter is anything like your kiddos, then they love anything art related! Marie loves to color, paint, draw, glue, cut, and paste. Basically anything art related she loves lol. I, however, don't always love the mess that I have to clean up afterward. So Magic Painting Books are heaven-sent. They are mess-free, only requires water and the brush that comes with it. Not to mention it is exciting and magical for the child. They paint over the black and white images with water and bright colors magically appear. These are another great way to entertain your child while out and about. Just buy a water brush pen to go, and your all set!

This is one of Marie's favorites, the Fairy Gardens. She loves fairies, princesses all the girly stuff. She also loves nature and flowers! So for her, this one is perfect! However, there are so many different types of magic painting books, with a variety of topics.


Even though Marie is only 3 years old, I have still started building a foundation for reading. Phonics is a very important role in learning how to read. So having a complete set of books that help build on that foundation, level by level is a great resource to have. Especially if you have a young reader, or are homeschooling one.

My first phonics reading library is a great resource! The phonics-based text is cleverly blended with a funny story. Includes a phonics guide for parents. The illustrations are cute and engaging for the child as well!

Well, here is my list of the Top 5 Kids Books for Toddlers! You may have noticed that the examples shown are all Usborne Books! They are an amazing company that is determined to encourage literacy all around the world starting with our children.

Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging, and educational books on the market today. They are high-quality, innovative, lavishly-illustrated, and best of all, they are the books kids love to read.

If you want to learn more about Usborne Books and more visit my Kid's Books page on the blog or follow the Link Here

I also wanted to include a short video showcases some of the top 10 favorite Usborne Books for Babies and Toddlers:

Have more amazing book suggestions for little ones feel free to share them in the comments! Let's talk about books!

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