What To Pack For The Beach With Toddlers

What To Pack For The Beach With Toddlers

Beach trips are supposed to be super fun and relaxing. Enjoying the sunshine, sand in your toes, water lapping at your feet. Right? Well not for those of us with kids/toddlers haha. Things can be a bit more stressful and difficult, and can take a lot more thought with packing.

First time going to the beach with your toddler? Don't know what to pack? Here is a simple list to help entertain them, keep them safe, comfortable, and lower your likelihood for grey hair.

For The Car Ride:


Snacks & Drinks


Favorite Toy

Fresh clothes for the ride home

For the Beach:


Sunscreen ( I recommend at least 50 proof, but I use 80. There skin is more sensitive then ours.)




Snacks & Drinks


Beach chair for them and you

Big beach blanket

Beach Toys

Hats & Sunglasses

Water Shoes

Beach Towels

Small first aid kit.

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Another thing I recommend is DO NOT go alone! I repeat DO NOT go alone. It will be too much to carry, plus keep an eye on them. Make sure you have at least one other person with you to help you.

With that being said I hope this list gave you some ideas of what to pack for the beach. If it gets too rough, don't be afraid to go home. Don't stress yourself out, especially in the heat.


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